Zhongshan Xuange Electronics Co., Ltd. is a supplier specializing in R&D, production and sales of high-frequency transformers. The company originated from Shenzhen, the frontier of China's reform and opening-up, and was established in 2009. Now, Zhongshan, the transformer production base in China, has the richest source materials, the most advanced production equipment and the most professional high-end talents.

14+ Years Experience

It mainly produces high frequency transformers and inductors, which are widely used in consumer power, industrial power, new energy power, LED power and other industries.



UL Electrical Insulation Systems Design-based customization High operating efficiency Low temperature and noise



Self-branded Products with ODM Services Available



Environmental raw material;100% QC inspection before shipment.

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New Products

Why Choose Us

  • 14 Years of Industry Experience

    Since 2009, we have been upholding the principle of honest cooperation and win-win situation for both sides to provide our customers with quality products and after-sales service.

  • Free Samples and Fast Delivery

    We have a group of professional technical team, which can make samples quickly and save time for customers to try out samples and place orders.

  • High Quality After-Sales Service for All Products

    We have professional export packaging to ensure that your goods arrive intact.

  • Competitive Oem FactoryCompetitive Oem Factory

    Competitive Oem Factory

    2 automatic production bases
    Supplies fortune 500 companies
    Consolidation service
    5 trademarks registered

  • R&D CapabilitiesR&D Capabilities

    R&D Capabilities

    Full Customization
    Design-based ODM Services
    Patents Awarded
    Safety Certification

  • Ouality Management CertifiedOuality Management Certified

    Ouality Management Certified

    Supplier Assessment Procedures
    On-Site Material Inspection
    Finished Product Inspection
    5-Year Product Warranty

  • Globalexport ExpertiseGlobalexport Expertise

    Globalexport Expertise

    24-Hour Service
    Professional Sales Team
    International Service Center
    Fast Delivery


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  • Once you believe, you will achieve

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